Town Survey

Property Owner & Resident Survey 2017-09

            In an effort to better plan for the future and understand the perspectives of those owning property and those living in the Hope and Sunrise communities, a short survey was conducted in August 2017. It was an important first part of an effort to help to get the best input we can, to aid in the strategic decision making on the levels of the community, the Borough, and local business entities. A follow-up meeting by the Borough conducted by the Anchorage consulting firm of Agnew-Beck is scheduled for September 9th in the Social Hall from 10AM to noon, to consider the survey results and discuss possible priorities for the future.

            This initial survey was necessarily and frustratingly limited. It was though part of a concerted effort to help guide the future of the communities that so many of us hold dear. The results are tabulated below and also available in a variety of file formats in the links following. Results received after the 8/30 deadline are not included, but are so in the link HopeSurvey1709Sum (green icon) by scrolling to the bottom. If you participated thank you for doing so. If you'd still like to provide input and be included in future efforts and notifications, you can do so through the survey form at the bottom of the page. Be sure to include your e-mail. Thank you.

Survey Results as of 2017-09


Online Survey from 2017-08

For the drop-down list questions, please choose the ONE answer that BEST describes your situation or perspective. It is a limitation of this initial survey.