Hope Internet:

2017/10 - Maggie just gave up on ACS after 15 years and switched to an ATT wifi service. It runs 3 times faster for less money and she can now stream video on Resurrection Road. The unlimited internet service is $20/mo if you also switch to the ATT unlimited choice mobile phone plan for $60/mo. Only the first 22GB is guaranteed at max speed. There is also an ATT plus plan with faster download speeds.

You can purchase the WiFi/Mifi device directly from Best Buy or Walmart for about $60 and then avoid getting a yearly internet contract. So it is then possible to pay month to month on the internet portion. GCI has similar plans if you do not like ATT. I would always recommend purchasing the unlocked Wifi/Mifi box independently and avoiding a yearly contract.

ATT plans:  Read small print for single phone Choice=$60/mo and Plus=$90/mo

Walmart wifi/mifi Box:

Best Buy wifi/mifi Box:,loc:2&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvOzOBRDGARIsAICjxoeVw50wI1Qn-HB_bECjqQeYsxqjW6v2SyCQbuTft5SlCCIPavqEknwaAo1-EALw_wcB

The AT&T Velocity offers worry-free WiFi! Velocity features an intuitive touchscreen, easy connection process, 4G LTE and dual-band WiFi. Plus, you can connect up to 10 devices and get up to 10 hours of secure WiFi virtually anywhere you are! 

AT&T PREPAID Velocity Hotspot